June 25, 2009

What Built Green is and why you should care

MBA of King and Snohomish Counties


Just about every business, from Wal-Mart to the ice cream shop down the street, is going green these days. And why wouldn’t they? Being green translates directly to seeing green, as consumers increasingly spend their dollars on products and services with the seal of environmental responsibility.

For the home building and remodeling industry, going green has never been easier, or more important, as the link between profitability and environmental standards has finally been proven through home purchasing rates. According to a study conducted by economic analytics firm Gardner Economics, green-certified properties in King County are selling for up to 15 percent more and spending up to 30 percent less time on the market than non-certified homes.

Now, with more than just anecdotal evidence to support the theory that green is a trend that’s here to stay, Puget Sound builders can comfortably invest in green education, products and practices without worrying about their bottom line.

Photo courtesy of The Cottage Co./Ross Chapin Architects
Homes in Redmond’s Conover Commons are 4-Star Built Green.

Built Green, the environmentally friendly, nonprofit residential program of the Master Builders Association, gives builders, remodelers and others connected to the building industry a framework and support to pursue green building in the Puget Sound region. Developed in partnership with King and Snohomish counties and other agencies in Washington state, Built Green quantifies environmentally friendly building practices for remodeling and new home construction, communities and multifamily developments.

As the recession has deepened and homebuyers have become progressively selective in their purchases, Built Green homes have increasingly stood out from the pack, especially now that green is a searchable status on the MLS listings. More than ever, the Built Green logo is a signal to potential homebuyers that a home is comfortable, durable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective to own and operate. Built Green homes are resource-efficient, crafted to exceed building codes and provide homeowners with years of healthy, quality living, while protecting the precious Northwest environment.

Dan Klusman is communications director at the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties.


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