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November 19, 2012

Fear of the fiscal cliff looms over AGC's federal projects forecast

Journal Construction Editor

Photo courtesy of NAVFAC Northwest [enlarge]
The Navy on Wednesday will cut the ribbon on this small craft boat launch at Naval Station Everett. Manson Construction bid $2.2 million to win the contract in July 2011.

Sequestration was on the minds of people attending the recent Associated General Contractors of Washington annual forecast of federal projects.

A four-person panel of government representatives was asked how $109 billion in budget cuts would affect federal projects. They couldn't answer, but because of the uncertainty they cut back their normal three-year outlook to one or two years.

The panel was Bill Galloway from the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Northwest, Anil Nisargand from the Army Corps of Engineers, Nicole Butts from the Coast Guard and Rick Thomas of the General Services Administration. Thomas said — just like last year — there are no capital projects in his agency's pipeline.

Corps of Engineers

Anil Nisargand, architecture and engineering contracts manager in the Engineering Division of the Seattle District, said there were about $156 million in local contracts awarded for fiscal year 2012, which ended Sept. 30. The corps expects to award about $400 million worth of contracts in fiscal year 2013 and up to $200 million in 2014.

Learn more
For information about these and other federal projects, visit www.fbo.gov.

All the 2013 projects will be at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, with the exception of a $5 million firing range in Yakima that is expected to bid in early summer 2013.

2013 JBLM projects:

• $90 million-$100 million wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of up to 10 million gallons per day; an industry information day will be held Nov. 27 at JBLM (for more information, visit http://tinyurl.com/JBLM-WWTP).

• $72 million battalion complex phase three, which has four parts: a $35 million design-build barracks (bidding in early December); a $10 million-$15 million design-build dining hall (bid advertisement in January); $10 million-$15 million in road and infrastructure upgrades (bid advertisement in January); and a $10 million-$15 million design-build battalion headquarters that will go out for bid this week using the multiple-award task order contracts (MATOC) process.

• $46 million special forces battalion operations complex consisting of 124,000 square feet of company operations facilities, 12,500 square feet of tactical equipment maintenance facilities and 12,000 square feet of storage; two-step selection process with the first round in March using a best-value design-build contract.

• $35 million-$40 million regional logistics center; out for bid now with bids opening Dec. 11.

• $30 million-$40 million, 130,000-square-foot readiness center for the Washington Army National Guard; contractors to be selected from a pre-qualified list in early 2013.

• $15 million-$20 million company operations facilities; out for bid now with bids opening Dec. 5.

• $10 million-$15 million joint access project that includes a new bridge; design-build team to be sought in mid-2013.

• $8.5 million for power distribution lines, including the conversion of overhead lines to underground; bidding in September.

• $8 million chemical battalion; design-build MATOC contract expected in early 2013.

• $4 million softball complex with tennis courts and soccer fields; advertising for contractors in summer 2013.

• $4 million working dog kennel; pre-qualified small business MATOC group to bid in mid-January.

A couple of large projects slated for 2013 — an $82 million brigade complex and a $45 million enlisted personnel barracks — were indefinitely postponed. Also, an $88 million brigade combat team complex was moved to fiscal year 2016.

2014 JBLM projects:

• $79 million combat aviation brigade comprised of an operations and maintenance hangar, a tactical equipment maintenance facility that services equipment such as tanks, and an unmanned aerial vehicle storage building.

• $26 million control tower, fire station and regional flight center (office building).

• $15 million for seven companies operations facilities totaling 110,000 square feet.

• $12 million battalion headquarters buildings totaling 16,000 square feet.

Nisargand said the 2014 projects will hit the streets starting in October of next year, with most out for bid in January 2014.

Coast Guard

Nicole Butts, senior field contracting officer at Shore Maintenance Command, said her agency recently put on the street a national multiple award contract for environmental architectural and engineering services. She said they plan to award up to seven “quite large” contracts in April.

The Coast Guard plans to issue a national multiple award construction contract next year for a family housing project in Astoria, Ore., that is expected to top $10 million. The agency will pick a contractor from a pre-qualified roster of eight, if the project receives funding.

Butts said her office has three large projects in Alaska on its docket: $10 million remote site facilities for rescue teams; a $5 million hangar at Cold Bay; and base housing at Kodiak. All will be regional multiple award construction contracts using a select list of contractors.


Bill Galloway, chief engineer and capital improvements business line coordinator, profiled fiscal year 2013 projects but didn't have a list of 2014 projects. He said the agency's fiscal year 2014 program will be submitted to Congress around February 2013.

2013 projects:

• $100 million-$250 million increment two of four of the explosives handling wharf at Bangor; incremental funding of a previously awarded contract to EHW Constructors, which is comprised of Skanska USA Civil, American Bridge Co. and Nova Group.

• $19.4 million for environmental restoration at various sites in Puget Sound; several projects.

• $10 million-$25 million fuel pipeline replacement on Whidbey Island; low-bid contract to be awarded in the third quarter of fiscal year 2013.

• $8 million for continued base realignment and closure cleanup programs at various sites; several projects.

• $5 million-$10 million EA-18G flight simulator on Whidbey Island; evaluating construction contracts and will award in the second quarter of fiscal year 2013.

• $5 million-$10 million in caisson repairs at Bangor; to be awarded in June.

• $5 million-$10 million repair to the main dewatering pumps and motors in Bremerton; low-bid contract to be awarded in June.

• $5 million-$10 million renovation of 48-room bachelor enlisted quarters Building 2306 at Bangor; to be awarded in the fourth quarter of 2013.

• $5 million-$10 million renovation of 20,000-square-foot bachelor enlisted quarters Building 2308 at Bangor; to be awarded in the fourth quarter of 2013.

• $1 million-$5 million ammunition pier pile repairs on Indian Island, phase four of six; low-bid contract to be awarded in June.

• $1 million-$5 million demolition of three warehouses and miscellaneous structures totaling 37,000 square feet at Bangor; design-build contract to be awarded in the fourth quarter of 2013.

There also are 15 energy restoration and modernization projects costing $73 million for fiscal year 2013 throughout the Puget Sound region. Galloway said another $33 million will likely be spent on maintenance and repairs to utilities in fiscal year 2013.


Benjamin Minnick can be reached by email or by phone at (206) 622-8272.

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