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May 9, 2014

Estancio I


Photo courtesy of WACA [enlarge]
Pervious concrete has a practical side, but it can also be appreciated for its looks.

Location: Bellevue

Owner/developer: Crossmark Homes

Project team: Crossmark Homes, general contractor; Jeffrey J. Hummel Architects, architect; Peltola Concrete Construction, concrete contractor; Cadman, ready-mix supplier

Pervious concrete has long been appreciated for its sustainability, high recycled content and ability to limit stormwater runoff.

But the project team was looking to boost demand for the product by drawing attention to another of its qualities: its aesthetic value.

At a single-family residential infill project in Bellevue, a colored pervious pathway was designed to beautify the property.

Instead of using pea gravel, the pathway was paved with much smaller aggregate. A small amount of color was added, and rubber stamps were used to create a design.

A few more benefits of using pervious pavement include lower maintenance costs, a reduction of the heat-island effect, and use of recycled materials to replace 30 percent of the cement.

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