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May 16, 2014

Subcontractor: Safety
Most improved

Photo courtesy of King County [enlarge]
UMC installed equipment, piping, foul-air ducting and HVAC at the Brightwater Treatment Plant.

University Mechanical

University Mechanical Contractors has earned the reputation of being a cutting-edge mechanical contractor by encouraging its workers to think out of the box and to pursue innovation.

Their frontline workers recognize problems and develop alternatives and improvements for specific tasks — a primary source of innovation. UMC is constantly developing, testing, finalizing and disseminating best practices, contributing to a collection of relevant knowledge gained from experience, and directly applicable to specific work tasks.

The best-practices program has enabled them to disseminate information in a nonthreatening and inclusive way. In this way, their entire workforce can work smarter and more safely.

At UMC, change simply for the sake of change is not a worthy goal. Their safety culture is constantly evolving and improving. The firm does not jump to trendy changes, but rather carefully evaluates and collaborates on changes that give depth and value to their program.

Their overall goal is to continue honing their safety program so that it is constantly improving.

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