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January 17, 2000

Big machine addition to Link-Belt excavator line

LBX Company, LLC, makers of Link-Belt excavators, scrapmasters, and logmaster has announced the addition of the 8000 Quantum hydraulic excavator in a standard and mass version (1.75 cu .yd to 6.00 cu. yd.) bucket rating. This 176,400 lb. standard excavator and 177,000 lb. mass excavator model is now added to the Quantum Series. This all-new 8000 Quantum features a long undercarriage, a Nephron oil filtration system, an illuminated LCD service monitor, and the same outstanding operators control station found on all Quantum models, which provides increased control, accessibility and operator comfort. The 8000 also features the easily identified Quantum style rounded sheetmetal design and distinctive red/granite gray color scheme

Revolutionary Easy Maintenance System(EMS)

The 8000 Quantum features the exclusive Easy Maintenance System (EMS). EMS incorporates a new technologically advanced bushing pin and seal design that lengthens the greasing interval for all attachment pins. The industry standard calls for greasing intervals of every 50 hours. Where EMS greasing intervals are extended to 1,000 hours or six months whichever comes first.

Intelligent Quantum (IQ) Control

8000 Quantum hydraulic excavator
The 8000 Quantum hydraulic excavator.
Intelligent Quantum (IQ) control is a computer-aided, hydraulic control system designed to ensure maximum efficiency at any job-site, no matter the condition. IQ control features four selectable working modes: heavy, standard, light and fine. The excavator can be set to accommodate any task, from heavy production digging to fine precise lifting control. The working mode system, combined with heavy lift and boom priority mode, balances engine speed and pump output for increased productivity, efficiency and fuel savings. A push-button cushioned attachment control can be selected for the boom and arm hydraulic circuits, which incorporate a cushion valve to reduce vibratory shock.Quantum excavators also feature free swing control, allowing the operator to disengage the swing brake, which provides precise control and added safety when swinging a load. The excavator can be set in an attachment work mode, which matches the engine's rpm to the hydraulic requirements. By doing this, the operator matches the oil flow to the needs of specific allied attachments. With an auto warm-up system, the 8000 will warm itself up automatically, depending upon the engine coolant temperature at start-up. This system will operate for about 15 minutes with engine speed increasing gradually until normal operating conditions are reached. Additional features include three-speed travel (high, mid-range, or low), single pedal travel, automatic downshift, auto idling, and a one-touch decelerator.

Nephron Oil Filtration System

Link-Belt's exclusive Nephron Oil Filtration system was designed for longer component life while being environmentally friendly. By eliminating contaminants of one micron or more in size, the Nephron system significantly reduces hydraulic system breakdowns, repair costs and downtime. The main advantage with the Nephron system is that hydraulic fluid in the 8000 Quantum excavator needs only be changed every 5,000 hours, as opposed to every 2,000 hours for most other excavators, resulting in a significant cost savings. In addition, cleaner oil results in longer life for hydraulic components. Most important in terms of the environment-less frequent oil changes reduces waste contaminants impacting our environment.

Superior Cab Design

The 8000 Quantum operator's control station provides the operator with increased comfort and control. A reclining, sliding, fully-suspended seat and control consoles can be adjusted to fit the operator, providing all-day comfort. A full view, front window and large rear and side windows provide excellent visibility in all directions. Lexan Margard is used in the rear and side view windows which eliminates the need for vandalism covers. Both control consoles have illuminated soft-touch membrane switches, which are dirt and moisture resistant. A liquid crystaldisplay monitor, displays up to 19 messages, programmable in 14 different languages which keep the operator in touch with critical machine functions. The selected travel speed, swing lock on/off, working mode and time is continuously displayed on the monitor. Also displayed are the fuel level, hydraulic oil temperature, and coolant temperature. And because the cab is mounted to the frame on six fluid-filled mountings, the operator experiences minimal vibration from the excavator's strenuous activity. Other features include a heater with a three-speed fan, an oscillating ventilation fan, air conditioning, an AM/FM radio, a pop-up skylight window, an intermittent windshield wiper and washer and three safety control lockouts including a gate lock safety shut-off.

Increased Accessibility & Serviceability

Servicing the 8000 Quantum is simplified by the use of standard equipment, which includes large wide opening doors, and catwalks located on both sides. An on-board self-diagnostic system helps the service technician troubleshoot before turning any wrenches. Standard quick disconnects for pressure checking and central lube banks for attachment pins also provide quick routine maintenance. A grease gun, and tool kit are provided as standard service equipment. A swing-out oil cooler assembly comes standard. Exclusive to Link-Belt, this cooler design provides an extra wide opening access for routine servicing and thorough cleaning. A removable dust protection screen situated in front of the radiator protects its core from large particles of dust.

8000 Quantum Specifications:

  • Operating weight Standard Excavator - 176,400 lbs.
  • Mass Excavator - 177,000 lbs.
  • Bucket rating 1.75 - 6.00 cu. yd.
  • Track shoes 29.5" double grouser
  • Engine Cummins N14-C460 6 cylinder, turbocharged, 445 hp
  • Boom length Excavator 27' 6"
  • Mass 23' 8"
  • Available Arm lengths Mass and Standard 9' 6"
  • Standard Excavator Only 11' 9", 14' 5", 18' 4"
  • Swing speed 0 - 7.6 rpm
  • Travel speed 1.2/1.8/2.6 mph
  • Tractive effort 122,100 lbs.
  • Ground pressure 13.79 psi.

The 8000 Quantum is the latest addition to the Link-Belt Quantum line of excavators which includes: 1600 Quantum (14,990 lb.)

  • 2650 Quantum (28,400 lb.)
  • 2700 Quantum (35,240 lb.)
  • 2800 Quantum (45,300 lb.)
  • 3400 Quantum (53,190 lb.)
  • 3900 Quantum (62,900 lb.)
  • 4300 Quantum (73,570 lb.)
  • 5800 Quantum (99,800 lb.) excavators.

LBX Company, LLC is the maker of Link-Belt Excavators, Scrap-masters and Logmasters. For more information contact Libby Kinstle at (606) 543-9303, ext. 444 or email to: lkinstle@linkbelt.com

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