December 14, 2006

Despite residential setbacks, commercial market is strong


The Commercial Brokers Association today is hosting its 10th annual Commercial Real Estate Insights breakfast.

Insights is co-hosted by the DJC, Foster Pepper PLLC, Homestreet Bank and Stewart Title. It brings together experts from different segments of the industry, with local and national perspectives, to give their best insights into the business for the near and mid-term. Despite some cautiousness on the residential side of the real estate ledger, analysts on the commercial side continue their optimistic outlook for our area.

This year’s speakers include Linda Berman, vice president of strategic branding and communications at Caruso Affiliated, a retail brand consultant who works with top companies. She is responsible for Caruso’s own brand, where she has been able to translate consumer preferences into a wide variety of forward-looking projects that represent the cutting edge of real estate development.

Anthony Downs, senior fellow at The Brookings Institution, has been involved in private, nonprofit research related to public policy throughout his career, advising public and private decision makers on real estate investment, housing policy and urban affairs. He serves as a consultant to many of the nation’s largest corporations, developers and to dozens of government agencies.

Robert J. Tindall, president of Callison Architecture, is working on the master plan for the Pearl of the Gulf, a $2.5 billion man-made island off the coast of Qatar in the Middle East. Tindall can offer first-hand insights into the incredible development taking place in Asian commercial real estate, and its implications for the Puget Sound region.

The commercial real estate brokerage community formed CBA in 1977 to create a vehicle for member brokers to share information about available commercial properties with each other. CBA provides the most comprehensive database of information on commercial real estate in the Pacific Northwest, with over 4,300 members and a staff that researches nearly 14,000 properties that are for sale or lease.

Tricia Deering is executive director of the Commercial Brokers Association, a not-for-profit cooperative organization.

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