AIA Seattle's "Spike Lee/ Doing
the Right Thing" Mention

University of Washington Radford Court, Seattle
Mithun Architects + Designers + Planners

Jury comments: "Demonstrates how an architect can lead a client in wise investment to protect the fabric of a community. Utilizes some existing infrastructure to achieve economies, the design manages to avoid the deadening logic of new urbanism with site-specific planning. A few imperfections -- built-ins -- take away only a little from the overall achievement."

Grays Harbor County Courthouse Restoration, Montesano
Leavengood Architects

Jury comments: "Thoughtful attention to a highly-regarded piece of Washington architectural fabric. We commend the commitment of both client and architect to preserving this structure, much damaged in the Nisqually Quake. A thoughtful renovation, with important client commitment -- and a special engineering achievement."

Bank of American Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion Renovation, University of Washington.
LMN Architects

Jury comments: "A dramatic but deferential insertion here saves a revered sports artifact, retaining its heritage while removing four obstructive columns. Here too we note the achievement made possible by close collaboration of architect and engineer."

Judson College Academic Center: School of Art and Architecture and Campus Library, Elgin, Ill.
Anderson Anderson Architecture in collaboration with Zago Architecture, Detroit

Jury comments: "We note here the opportunity taken to complement the traditional language of the campus, taking a risk to bring forward a sensitive but unsentimental addition. Kudos for avoiding the false historicism that can plague similar projects."

Resource Guide for Sustainable Development in an Urban Environment
Mithun Architects + Designers + Planners

Jury comments: "A valuable tool to public and private developers, to help move forward the community's commitment to sustainability."

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