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Bullitt Center

The Bullitt Center
A Special Feature of DJC.COM
Nov. 29, 2012

Bullitt’s small footprint could have a big impact
“Super-green” project improves the odds for other living buildings
by clearing financial, technical and regulatory hurdles.

Bullitt Foundation

‘Teaching building’ offers lessons on urban sustainability
Capitol Hill site was selected for its proximity to homes and schools,
and to help attract new commercial development.


A new prototype for urban green buildings
The goal was to design a structure without an environmental footprint.
Miller Hull Partnership

Bullitt draws power from an unexpected source: the sun
Despite Seattle’s gray skies, photovoltaic cells will help
designers reach their net-zero energy goal.

PAE Engineering

Timber structure boosts Bullitt’s green cred
It's on track to receive the Forest Stewardship Council’s first
commercial project certification in the U.S.


Photo by Jon Silver
Just the facts

1501 E. Madison St., Seattle

Total cost:
$30 million

Construction cost:
$18.5 million

50,000 square feet; six stories

Bullitt Foundation, Cascadia Green Building Council, University of Washington’s Integrated Design Lab

Tenant move-in:
January 2013

Grand opening:
April 22, 2013 (Earth Day)

The team

Owner: Bullitt Foundation

Developer: Point32

Architect: Miller Hull Partnership

General contractor: Schuchart

Mechanical/electrical engineer: PAE Consulting Engineers

Structural engineer: DCI Engineers

Building envelope consultant: RDH Building Envelope Consultants

Water system engineer: 2020 Engineering

Energy consultant: Solar Design Associates

Civil engineer: Springline Design

Landscape architect: Berger Partnership

Lighting consultant: University of Washington’s Integrated Design Lab

Shoring design: CT Engineering

Surveyor: Bush, Roed & Hitchings

Geotechnical engineer: Terracon

Photo by John Stamets

The numbers

250 years:
Lifespan of the building, as designed

1.1 million kilowatt hours per year:
Total energy use by typical existing Seattle office building

230,000 kilowatt hours per year:
Expected total energy use in the Bullitt Center

230,000 kilowatt hours per year:
Expected total energy generation by on-site photovoltaic array

14,300 square feet:
Area of photovoltaic array on the Bullitt Center roof

44,750 square feet:
Area of photovoltaic array needed for a conventional building built to Seattle’s current code

82 percent:
Amount of the building that is naturally daylit

100 percent:
Amount of perimeter spaces that can be ventilated or cooled with operable windows

400 feet:
Depth of geothermal wells used to heat and cool the building 26: Number of geothermal wells

100 percent:
Project’s energy needs using on-site renewable energy on a net annual basis

83 percent:
Total energy savings over a typical commercial office building built in Seattle

56,000 gallons:
Size of the cistern in the basement to capture rainwater

Number of common hazardous “red list” materials avoided in the Bullitt Center

Number of bus routes within 0.5 mile

Number of Zipcars within 0.5 mile

98 of 100:
Walk Score for 1501 E. Madison St., according to www.walkscore.com

300 miles:
Radius for purchasing all steel, concrete and other heavy materials

600 miles:
Radius for purchasing all wood

Approximate number of construction jobs created

Special section team

Section editor: Jon Silver

Section design: Jeffrey Miller

Web design: Lisa Lannigan

Advertising: Matt Brown


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Schuchart (www.schuchart.com)

SvR Design Company (www.svrdesign.com)

The Miller Hull Partnership, LLP (www.millerhull.com)

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