Commercial Renovation (Alberta)

Barberry Walk Tower renovation

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Contractor: Sunco Drywall Ltd. Calgary
Architect: Hasegawa Pond
Team: Shoemaker Drywall Supply, Akrilon Industries, Bailey Metal Products, Georgia-Pacific Canada, Plasti-Fab

Photo courtesy of NWCB
The exterior wall system was stripped and replaced with EIFS at Barberry Walk Tower.

Over the years, the Barberry Walk Tower experienced mold and mildew damage to its exterior walls. The renovation to the high-rise included a total removal of the exterior wall system and an exterior re-clad of a full EIFS with an integral vapor-barrier membrane provided by Akrilon Industries.

The tenant-occupied project was completed in two stages. Tenants living on the top half of the tower were relocated to the lower half until the upper half EIFS was completed. Tenants were then relocated to the upper portion of the tower, to complete the lower half.

EIFS was applied in six colors with four different textures. Horizontal expansion joints with through-wall flashings were installed at each level. Feature foam buildouts were installed at the windows and large oval buildouts were installed at the top of the building.

Work progressed through the winter months using tarped and heated lifts. Special attention was paid to achieving a watertight building envelope and to interfacing the EIFS with other building components.

To ensure overall quality control, a mock-up of the new EIFS was constructed inside of the building, prior to the start of work.

Judge’s comment: “The striking multi-colored EIFS finish and EPS (expanded polystyrene) plant-ons by Sunco showcase how the EIFS systems can be successfully used to renovate aged and worn out exterior claddings and provide new life to almost any structure.”

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