Exterior Commercial (Oregon)

Park 19 Apartments

Location: Portland
Contractor: Western Partitions
Architect: Sera Architecture
Team: Atlas Supply Co., Sealant Specialists, Service Partners/Exterior Systems, BMI Products of Northern California, ClarkWestern, Dryvit Systems, Dupont Tyvek, Fortifiber Building Systems Group, Stockton Products, Structa Wire

Photo courtesy of NWCB
Corbels on the underside of Park 19’s roof overhang were made of architectural foam covered in stucco.

The Park 19 luxury apartments are located in the middle of Northwest Portland.

Western Partitions was involved as an exterior consultant for the developer and architect. Western based its work on schematic drawings that were made available two years before the completion of the project.

The six-story structure has a facade consisting of an assortment of classic architectural elements. The finish is a traditional three-coat stucco with numerous EPS (expanded polystyrene) architectural foam profiles. Most striking are the EPS corbels at the underside of the roof overhang, which are 14 feet tall and extend 4 feet out from along the roof soffit.

Western constructed the corbels off-site in two sections that were later connected by a tongue-and-groove joint. The corbels were then transported to the site, where they were installed and finished in-place.

In addition to the massive corbels, the facade includes EPS architectural elements such as mid-bands and EPS window sills that give the appearance of quarried stoned. The exterior of the first level uses aluminum reveals to give the appearance of massive stone blocks.

Judge’s comment: “Fantastic finish application by WPI, with the right combination of stunning EPS architectural profiles and dryvit finishes to provide a rich and classical styling to this project.”

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