Exterior Commercial (Washington)

South Hill Data Center

Location: Puyallup
Contractor: Western Partitions
Architect: PKJB Architectural Group
Team: Commencement Bay Construction Products, Evergreen Building Products, Service Partners, BMI
Products of Northern California, Fry Reglet, Sto Corp., Structa Wire Corp.

Photo courtesy of NWCB
South Hill Data Center is outfitted with a stucco rainscreen water management system.

Plans called for removal and replacement of more than 85,000 square feet of stucco cladding and sheathing at South Hill Data Center.

Western Partitions worked with the manufacturers, waterproofing consultant and architect to design and construct a stucco rainscreen water management system with a secondary fluid-applied air and moisture barrier.

The fluid-applied air and moisture barrier was attached to the sheathing, then a dual-plane drainage mat was installed. Lath was later installed and 7/8-inch proprietary stucco was applied in a single pass, shaving time off the schedule. An acrylic stucco finish was applied to achieve the desired texture and color.

Fry Reglet provided the aluminum reveals.

In just 3.5 months, South Hill Data Center was outfitted with a new skin that has a far superior life-cycle to the original skin.

Judge’s comment: “It is an impressive and large water-management stucco system, with all walls subject to critical natural light. The finished work shows quality workmanship.”

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