Renovation/Restoration (Alaska)

Fort Greely energy retrofit

Location: Fort Greely, Alaska
Contractor: Bradshaw and Associates
Architect: CCI Group, Department of Public Works
Team: Alaska Industrial Hardware, Insulfoam, Lynden Transport, Pro Scaffold, Safeway Scaffold, Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel, BASF Perma Lath, BASF Wall Systems, Alaska Traffic, Fire & Fasteners

Photo courtesy of NWCB
Adhered-mat design EIFS was installed on the exterior of barracks buildings at Fort Greely.

Fort Greely and Fort Wainwright, both located in Alaska, were selected as part of the American Recovery and Investment Act for energy update renovations to their barracks buildings.

The renovation goal was to create a more energy-efficient military barracks and the material chosen to do that was EIFS.

Using Senergy’s adhered-mat design EIFS, a crew of 40-plus journeymen plasterers and laborers braved the cold conditions of Alaska to install 4 inches of EPS foam over CMU block, concrete and stucco on nine post-World War II barracks buildings.

With a total of 70,000 square feet at each military installation, the joint project was the largest energy restoration job ever in Alaska, according to information supplied to the NWCB. The challenges were many: freezing temperatures; high winds; and the logistics of projects that were 100 miles apart from each other and 400 miles from the contractor’s office and warehouse.

Planning was critical due to the narrow window of construction afforded by the Alaskan weather.

The extreme hot and cold temperatures of Interior Alaska made EIFS an obvious choice in making the barracks substantially more energy efficient. The U.S. Army anticipates saving millions of dollars in heating and cooling costs over the next decade.

Judge’s comment: “Every owner of a building today wants one that is energy efficient and attractive. The exterior renovations to this U.S. Army barracks building with BASF Wall System/EIFS provided just that plus future cost savings.”

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