2011 NWCB Outstanding Project of the Year Awards

Interior Commercial (Washington)
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Iris Campus

Exterior Commercial
South Hill Data Center

Renovation/Restoration (Washington)
Cal-Mor Circle

Suspended Ceiling (Washington)
UW Foster School of Business

Exterior Light-Gauge Panel (Washington)
Swedish/Hammes Issaquah

Interior Commercial (Oregon)
Mirabella South Waterfront

Renovation/Restoration (Oregon)
Portland State University Lincoln Hall

Suspended Ceiling (Oregon)
Chemeketa Community College Center for Business & Industry

Renovation/Restoration (Alaska)
Fort Greely energy retrofit

Light-Gauge Steel Framing (Idaho)
Life Care Center of Post Falls

Renovation/Restoration (British Columbia)
Louis Vuitton, Hotel Vancouver

Exterior Commercial (British Columbia)
The Madison

Interior Commercial and
Light-Gauge Steel Framing
(British Columbia)

The Atrium

Suspended Ceiling
(British Columbia)

Cloverdale Recreation Centre

Interior Commercial

St. Joseph Seminary And Newman College

Exterior Commercial (Alberta)
CrossIron Mills

Suspended Ceiling (Alberta)
Centennial Place

Light-Gauge Steel Framing (Alberta)
Michner Hill Extended Care

Renovation/Restoration (Alberta)
Calgary Public Building

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