Exterior Commercial (Washington)

Denny Terrace

Photo courtesy of NWCB
The new EIFS on Denny Terrace was sanded and shaped to create a flat finished surface with crisp lines.

Location: Seattle

Contractor: Western Partitions

Architect: DKA Architecture

Team: Evergreen Building Products, Sealant Specialists, Sto Corp.

Western Partitions’ team was able to turn the tired Denny Terrace building into an architectural landmark for the city of Seattle by using EIFS.

The challenges on this 90,000-square-foot project began with cleaning the old exterior concrete and CMU to prepare it for a new EIFS drainage system. In order for the new facade to be installed effectively, the existing structure had to be cleaned to a degree that it would accept the new product. This cleaning proved to be difficult and more extensive than originally planned.

Another challenge faced by the team was an occupied building during construction. Safety and interaction with the residents were a constant concern that the team managed with care and professionalism.

Other difficulties faced by Western Partitions were the ins and outs of the existing concrete and CMU. Workers had to develop custom flashings, and put extreme effort into sanding and shaping the EIFS to create a flat finished surface with crisp lines. They also had limited space for storage, scaffolding and equipment on the hillside job site.

Judge’s comment: “This project is an outstanding example of how an exterior insulated finished system can enhance the appearance of a building along with improving the building’s efficiency. This transformation is truly remarkable.”

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