Exterior-Residential (British Columbia)

Mack Kirk residence

Photo courtesy NWCB
Three-piece cornices wrap around the Mack Kirk house.

Location: Langley

Contractor: Charles Joseph Plastering

Designer: Mack Kirk

Team: Pacific West Systems Supply, Imasco Minerals

Charles Joseph Plastering crews performed a lot of cornice work on the Mack Kirk project. Included were three-piece cornices that wrapped around the house.

Workers cut groves into Styrofoam to make parts of the exterior surface look like stone. Two-inch foam bands trimming the windows were distressed to resemble stone elements found in Medieval buildings.

Cornice work was described as intricate and time-consuming.

In addition to the nearly 4,000 square feet of exterior walls, Charles Joseph Plastering also performed interior plastering.

Judges comment: “The Mack Kirk residence designed personally by the owner takes us back to a day when ornamental plastering and masonry were commonplace. Using colors and textures rarely seen today in residential building, the result is a stunning home by the skilled craftsmen of Charles Plastering.”

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