2012 NWCB Outstanding Project of the Year Awards

Exterior Commercial (Washington)
Denny Terrace

Interior Commercial
Swedish Issaquah

Light-Gauge Steel Framing (Washington)
Consolidated Rental Car Facility

Renovation/Restoration Residential (Washington)
Arbor Crest Cliff House

Renovation/Restoration Commercial (Washington)
Saint Joseph Medical Pavilion

Suspended Ceiling (Washington)
Swedish Issaquah

Exterior Commercial (Oregon)
Wildhorse Resort & Casino

Interior Commercial (Oregon)
Linus Pauling Science Center

Restoration Commercial (Oregon)
Spalding Building

Renovation Commercial (Oregon)
Oregon State Hospital Kirkbride

Suspended Ceiling (Oregon)
Randall Children’s Hospital

Exterior Residential
(British Columbia)

Mack Kirk residence

Interior Commercial
(British Columbia)

LDS Temple

Light-Gauge Steel Framing
(British Columbia)

Surrey Public Library

Suspended Ceiling
(British Columbia)

Telus World of Science

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