Grand Award Winner/Safety
Most Improved Subcontractor
Outstanding Subcontractor
Over 225,000 Worker Hours

D.W. Close Company

D.W. Close has been working with project owners to make the jobsite safer.

At D.W. Close Co., a top management focus on improving safety has completely changed the culture and has influenced every phase of business.

The company changed the way “hot work” was approached with owners. Now, the owner must sign the hot work permit acknowledging the risk and verifying that the equipment can’t be de-energized.

According to Close, the owners have appreciated education about the risks and have often found a way to shut down the power.

After D.W. Close Co. came under new management in 1998, the company set a goal to achieve a world class safety program starting with safety training, job-specific safety awareness, and rewards for safety success — both individually and for work groups.

The company requires all foremen, supervisors and project managers to complete a one-day START (Supervisor Training in Accident Reduction Techniques) program before being assigned duties on a project.

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