Environmental Excellence
Recognition Award

Fisher & Sons Inc.

While anchoring a slope to save Oyster Creek Inn, Fisher & Sons also took measures to protect an adjacent creek.

Fisher & Sons won this award for its work shoring up Oyster Creek Inn in Bellingham.

Built on an unstable 45 percent slope of road fill and weak serpentine rock, Oyster Creek Inn was forced to close as settling and shifting of the structure rendered it untenable. Within 15 feet of the intensive construction activities flowed Oyster Creek, home to endangered salmon species and nearby commercial oyster beds.

Fisher & Sons used tension rod tieback anchors extending 60 feet into the soil, tying a surface grade beam to the bedrock 30 feet below grade in order to compress the slope enough to stop the movement.

An elaborate storm water infiltration and silt fence barrier system was placed on the down slope side of the drilling activities. To prevent silt from migrating into the creek, all excavation for the concrete grade beam was placed into a skip loader and lifted over the building by crane and disposed of off site.

The project was completed with no lasting impact on the sensitive site.

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