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Poppoff, a small contractor has invested in a full-time safety director.

Poppoff Inc. is committed to employee involvement in safety programs. The company started two programs to encourage more employee involvement — an employee safety committee and a safety mentor program.

The safety mentor program pairs new employees with seasoned employees to train and monitor the new employee on safety procedures. Poppoff is also working on ergonomics improvements with the help of consultants to review employees’ tasks.

Poppoff Inc.’s safety commitment starts with every new employee and extends to the top with owner and President Mike Poppoff.

Even though Poppoff is a small company, management has invested the resources for a full time safety director.

Poppoff uses the small, family-owned business atmosphere to its advantage. Most employees know the families of their co-workers and feel a personal responsibility to have a safe workplace. The company involves employees in the safety program through foreman-run toolbox talks, safety and first aid training, and an employee safety committee.

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