Safety Award
Grand Award ó Safety Outstanding General Contractor (over 300,000 worker hours)

Turner Construction

Photo courtesy AGC of Washington
As part of its safety program, all Turner workers must wear gloves on the jobsite.

Turnerís commitment to injury-free worksites is attested to by the divisionís experience modification rate of .2327, the lowest in the state. The company requires a full-time safety person to be on all projects greater than $25 million and its 100 Percent Drug Free Workforce program requires testing of all subcontractors.

In 2005, 94 percent of direct worker injuries fell into two categories: cuts/lacerations and sprains/strains. As a result, several changes were made to the safety program including a 100 percent glove policy for all Turner employees. That program is now being tested for subcontractors.

Turner also has started pre-shift stretch-and-flex programs on certain projects throughout the region.

The company encourages employees to become involved and identify safety issues. To ensure their active role, a pre-task planning form is used by field crews every day.

Turner pre-qualifies subcontractors by reviewing safety performance based on experience modification rates (EMRs), lost time incident rates and recordable incident rates. Any subcontractor with an EMR of 1.0 or higher is not allowed to bid on a project unless they are placed on a corrective action plan that includes Turnerís purchasing manager, vice president of operations and safety director.

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