Safety Award
Outstanding General Contractor
(100,000-300,000 worker hours)

John Korsmo Construction

John Korsmo Constructionís safety program includes a comprehensive safety orientation for every employee, and all superintendents and forepersons are trained in first aid and CPR.

In 2005, several new components were added to the program. First, the safety officer position became a full-time job within the company rather than an add-on responsibility of an existing employee. Next, a serious violation citation policy was developed in order to deter significant safety issues from occurring. Further, a drug testing policy was developed and implemented.

Also last year, a crisis management plan was implemented and tested through a mock crisis in which a gas line explosion occurred with a fatality on the job site.

The company has an incentive program that gives quarterly awards to employees with established levels of safe hours on the job.

An AGC Safety Team member since 1983, the company has a .58 experience modification rate.

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