Judges’ honorable mention

S.S. Catala remediation and removal

Location: Ocean Shores
General contractor: Global Diving and Salvage
Owner/developer: Washington State Department of Ecology
Engineer:The Glosten Associates
Contract amount: $5 million

Photo courtesy of Global Diving and Salvage
Global Diving and Salvage excavated this 88-year-old passenger vessel and all its hazardous materials.

Global Diving and Salvage faced the challenge of the very public excavation of S.S. Catala, the 88-year-old former passenger vessel and “floating hotel” that had been buried up to 26 feet deep in the tidelands of Damon Point for 40 years.

Heavy fuel oil remained in the 214-foot vessel’s fuel tanks, creating a potential environmental tragedy as the site was subjected to surface water intrusion through daily tides and groundwater.

Through a well-coordinated and innovative removal process, Global and its team excavated the aging vessel and all the hazardous materials without a safety or environmental hitch. They removed more than 35,000 gallons of heavy fuel oil, removed and disposed of 2,700 cubic yards of petroleum-contaminated sands, abated 33 cubic yards of asbestos-containing materials, and recycled 350 tons of steel and other materials.

A sheet pile cofferdam built around the vessel provided the safety and water maintenance necessary for the team to lift the vessel out of the sand via intervals of removing sand and pumping water into cells to “float” the vessel out of the tidelands.

State Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland told Global, “I appreciate the high level of organization and communication that Global Diving and Salvage brought to the project, coordinating several different contractors that were needed during the difficult removal process. ... Your ability to finish the removal ahead of schedule and without incident is remarkable and a true testament to the ability and skill of your crew.”

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