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General contractor 150,001-400,000 hours


At BNBuilders, safety training starts with an orientation before an employee steps onto the jobsite. Weekly safety meetings provide information pertinent to on-site safety issues. At the first jobsite safety meeting, pre-activity hazard analyses are developed and reviewed with the crew. The analyses look at specific activities, the hazards associated with those activities and solutions to address them.

Photo courtesy of BNBuilders
BNBuilders holds a safety summit for employees from all its jobsites to share ideas and address concerns.

BNBuilders is an AGC Safety Team member, and its management supports safety efforts unconditionally.

Last year the firm held its first safety summit. All jobs were shut down for an afternoon so everyone from foremen to company owners could discuss and improve the safety program. The team looked at strong and weak points of the program.

BNBuilders’ employees shared their concerns in a comfortable, open forum. By having the summit, unseen concerns were addressed and many changes have been made that otherwise might not have been.

An example of the company’s proactive approach to safety is its regular review of its loss history.

One review showed that soft tissue and hand injuries were the top sources for workers’ compensation claims. The company put into effect a “stretch and extend” program to get workers warmed up at the beginning of each day. It also initiated a policy that requires workers, supervisors and visitors to wear gloves while on site. This reduced hand injuries caused by sharp edges, abrasives and power tools.

In 2007 BNBuilders logged more than 150,000 employee-hours with no lost work days.

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