Subcontractor Safety
Under 50,000 hours

J. Harper Contractors

Photo courtesy of J. Harper Contractors
J. Harper Contractors briefs all its employees on the specific safety requirements of each project.

In the past three years J. Harper Contractors has logged more than 100,000 employee hours worked without a single lost work day. The company has seen a significant reduction in its experience modification rate, now at .6000.

On each J. Harper project all employees are briefed on the specific safety requirements. These briefings, which occur at the start of a new task or during weekly site-safety meetings, include personal protective equipment, physical and chemical hazards, emergency procedures and more.

J. Harper Contractors monitors its safety program closely. The company has re-certification requirements for fit tests, CPR and first aid, and respirator physicals. It provides lead-awareness classes, asbestos-awareness classes, hazmat and asbestos supervisor certifications.

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