Safety Award:
General contractor over 400,000 hours

IMCO General Construction

Photo courtesy of IMCO General Construction
IMCO uses a safety process that requires managers, supervisors and employees to evaluate hazards on the job site each day and determine how to perform their work safely.

Among the innovative safety practices by AGC Safety Team member IMCO is the use of a safety task assignment — an interactive process that is completed daily prior to the start of work.

It requires management, supervisors and employees to evaluate the day’s activities as follows: Define the tasks for each activity, identify known and potential hazards associated with the task, determine work practices to complete the task safely, address requirements for all personal protective equipment, establish that all crew members understand this information, execute the task as described or stop and repeat the process.

At IMCO, support by senior management and employees in the safety process contributes to a sense of ownership, which in turn contributes to a mature and evolving safety culture.

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