Heavy/industrial construction

Rexville anaerobic digester project

Location: Rexville, Skagit County
General contractor: Andgar Corp.
Owner/developer: Farm Power Rexville LLC
Engineer: GHD
Contract amount: $2.8 million

Photo courtesy of Andgar Corp.
Andgar helped its client secure permits and grants for construction of an anaerobic digester.

Andgar Corp. took 130,000 square feet of bare farmland and transformed it into an anaerobic digester that will take 60,000 gallons of cow manure and food waste a day and turn it into renewable energy.

There are now four of these facilities in the state, and Andgar built all of them. Andgar helped its client secure permits and grants, and educated potential partners such as bankers and regulators about how they work.

Andgar also created new technologies when it found the available ones insufficient. The firm designed and built a biogas chiller as well as a system to capture hydrogen sulfide, a corrosive chemical byproduct.

The client is working with Andgar to plan additional facilities.

“All too often, renewable energy contractors are full of lofty ambitions but come up very short on performance,” said the client. “I am happy to report firsthand that Andgar is one company that delivers.”

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