Sicklesteel Cranes

Project: Sauk River bridge removal
Location: Skagit County

Photo courtesy of Sicklesteel Cranes
Sicklesteel Cranes used simulation software to plan a difficult bridge removal project.

Sicklesteel Cranes’ task was to demolish an 80-year-old bridge over the Sauk River. The catch, though, was that due to environmental issues, the 80-ton, 200-foot-long bridge had to be removed in one piece and without the placement of crane pads in the river near the bridge.

Given these complexities, standard methods for determining job feasibility were insufficient. So Sicklesteel used crane simulation software with a digital model of the site, bridge and obstacles. It determined the optimal location of cranes on each side of the river, checked clearances and distances, and fully simulated the project to ensure its success in the field.

The alternatives to this procedure were either time-consuming (spend six months securing a special permit for crane pads in the river) or costly (spend a million dollars to bring a huge crane to the site).

With the innovative use of the digital modeling, Sicklesteel saved its client significant time and money, and left the Sauk River wild and pristine.

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