General contractor: Safety
Over 600,000 hours

Turner Construction

Photo courtesy of Turner Construction Co.
Turner’s Bright Idea Box encourages on-site employees to submit ideas on how to make the project safer.

Building L.I.F.E. — Living Injury Free Everyday — is a mantra for Turner and all its employees. Turner’s focus is ensuring that everyone, on every project, goes home safely every day.

AGC Safety Team member Turner begins all projects with high safety requirements in its bidding documents, and provides specific questionnaires to establish the safety track record for each subcontractor qualified to bid the project.

One Turner incentive program is the Bright Idea Box, into which any on-site employee can submit an idea on how to make the project safer. The project team reviews the ideas every month and picks a winner, awarding a $200 prize.

Turner’s efforts to keep safety a part of every employee’s routine has resulted in a 51 percent decrease in workers requiring medical treatment and a 72 percent decrease in lost time injuries.

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