General contractor: Safety


Photo courtesy of BNBuilders
A BNBuilders safety committee collects suggestions at its annual companywide safety meeting, and selects from them a top-10 list of safety goals for the coming year.

Though BNBuilders has doubled in size over the past five years, its incident rate has been cut in half.

Its projects have allowed the company to demonstrate that stressing safety in all aspects of construction can be cost effective without compromising quality.

Under BNBuilders’ “Freedom from Danger” safety program, every employee that is proactive with safety and injury free is recognized with a safety award. Employees must attend safety meetings, perform weekly safety audits, complete job hazard analysis and promote safety to be included in the awards.

AGC Safety Team member BNBuilders also holds an annual safety summit meeting for all its workers. Employees gather for a companywide safety meeting and dinner, and lottery tickets are given to every worker that shares a recommendation to improve safety.

All suggestions are recorded, and the BNB safety committee reviews the list. The top 10 items are selected as goals to improve safety for the next year.

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