Lease Crutcher Lewis

Photo courtesy of Lease Crutcher Lewis
Doug Maxfield, a superintendent for Lease Crutcher Lewis, uses a customized SharePoint application that Lewis developed to make it easier for project team members for coordinate documents.

Lease Crutcher Lewis created WebPM, a customized application of SharePoint collaboration software that is dramatically improving document coordination and communication speed.

Before WebPM, project documents were distributed via courier or email or posted to static FTP sites. Such methods were inefficient and led to occasional errors.

Lewis project engineer Chuck Hynek decided there must be a better way, and so he developed WebPM to streamline processes and create a single source for information. The Lewis team compared results from a project using the new system to typical results, and found that WebPM produced many positive outcomes.

Time spent tracking documents was reduced from two hours a day to 15 minutes. The punch list process was shortened from three weeks to one. Submittal processing time was reduced from one week to one day. And the amount of paper used to distribute meeting minutes declined from 150 pages to zero.

WebPM gives immediate access to documents and drawings to all project team members and provides a single source for control and confidentiality.

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