General contractor: Safety
300,000-400,000 hours

Absher Construction Co.

Photo courtesy of Absher Construction Co.
Absher owners and executives perform site inspections at least once a month, reminding employees that the companyís safety message is shared by everyone.

Many Absher Construction Co. employees on a job site have been with the company for more than 20 years. The company considers them family, and encourages all its management and employees to watch out for each other.

Absherís owners have made safety both a top personal and top funding priority. The company, an AGC Safety Team member, is self-insured, which means it feels the direct economic result of every injury. When projects are safe, Absher saves money. This adds a financial incentive for the company to invest heavily in accident prevention and to foster a culture of safety excellence.

Inspections are performed by company owners and division leaders at least once a month to reinforce good safety efforts and to identify and correct concerns. The inspections are intended to send a clear message and remind employees of managementís commitment to the safety of everyone working on Absher projects.

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