General contractor: Safety
Over 400,000 hours

Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

Photo courtesy of Kiewit
Kiewit follows a “5 Key Elements” program to keep its workers safe at the job site. Infrastructure West Co.

With a safety index four times better than the industry average, Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. has demonstrated its commitment to safety excellence.

Kiewit, an AGC Safety Team member, follows a “5 Key Elements” program to ensure its safety success. This includes preparing a good hazard analysis, ensuring the hazard analysis is followed in the field, holding people accountable for their actions, being involved in watching the work, and reporting and investigating incidents.

Immersion in Kiewit’s safety culture begins on the first day of the job. Its safety orientation process is tailored to project-specific risks, and this process involves open communication and coaching between the new employee and the business manager, safety manager, superintendent, foreman and crew.

Kiewit’s objective is to instill a belief in all its employees that they are the most important asset to the company, and that their safety and well being are paramount.

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