Construction Manager: Safety
Under 100,000 hours

Aecon Buildings

Photo courtesy of Aecon Buildings
Aecon holds weekly safety meetings for each project. Attendance is mandatory for employees and for subcontractors that do not hold their own meetings.

Safety is a daily concern at Aecon, a member of AGC’s Safety Team.

Aecon President George Kramer challenges Aecon teams to set the bar high. Weekly safety meetings are held for each project, with mandatory attendance by Aecon employees and any subcontractors that do not hold their own weekly meetings.

Aecon superintendents are all either OSHA 10- or OSHA 30-trained and are required to have forklift training and first aid certifications. Aecon supervisors are also AED trained with a defibrillator on all construction sites.

Everyone in the company, including staff and field, is required to attend health and safety training every year to review the company-accepted prevention program.

At Aecon the first act after being hired is receiving a safety orientation, starting with the four Rs; the right to know, the right to participate, the right to refuse unsafe work, and the right to work in a safe environment.

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