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Sicklesteel Cranes

Photo courtesy of Sicklesteel Cranes
Sicklesteel Cranes modified many of its programs after new crane rules were adopted this year, including the creation of a demanding qualification process for assembly/disassembly directors.

When new Washington state construction crane rules were adopted in 2012, Sicklesteel Cranes saw dramatic change to its industry.

This AGC Safety Team member company modified many of its existing programs, such as working near power lines, and created new ones, including a demanding qualification process for the assembly/disassembly (A/D) director as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Under OSHA, the A/D director is required to be competent and qualified, but there were no means or methods available in the marketplace to qualify such individuals.

Sicklesteel developed written exams for each of its crane models that require an A/D director and identified individuals who had met the competence requirement on the equipment. Sicklesteel provided training on the A/D regulations and company processes, and created a checklist that is required at the beginning of the A/D process as well as a post-assembly inspection form.

Sicklesteel made these forms available to other AGC members and presented this information at multiple meetings.

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