Subcontractor: Safety
150,000-300,000 hours

Andgar Corp.

Photo courtesy of Andgar Corp.
Andgar’s safety committee seeks to act on problems before accidents occur.

The first paragraph in the Andgar mission statement includes a pledge by management to “instill a deeper commitment to safety through personal awareness and set the standard for safety in the industry.”

Andgar’s employee-driven safety committee is proactive about tackling issues and spotting trends.

The safety committee consists of 60 percent hourly employees and 40 percent management and support employees. This membership balance ensures that all issues, including near misses, are brought up and dissected, which enables the company to act on problems before an accident occurs.

The Andgar safety committee also develops new tactics for improving safety, such as when it created a new method to monitor tools and equipment. AGC Safety Team member Andgar’s commitment to be a leader in safety allows the general contractors it works for to know that Andgar employees on the job site are doing the right things in safety.

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