Subcontractor: Safety
Over 500,000 hours

Veca Electric & Technologies

Photo courtesy of Veca Electric & Technologies
Veca field crews communicate with each other and other crafts to address issues before they result in injuries.

Veca’s safety program was developed through the vision and leadership of company owner Tom Fairbanks and the senior management team.

Although initiated by upper management, Veca’s safety program is run by its employees. With its new employee orientation program, tailgate training and site safety committees all working together, Veca field crews take ownership and communicate with each other and with other crafts to address issues before they become serious enough to create an injury.

Veca employees recognize the hazards inherent in working in the electrical industry and approach each job with a full understanding that a lapse in concentration or attention could result in a fatality rather than an injury. One way that Veca measures the effectiveness of its safety program is through the number and quality of near-miss incident reports. AGC Safety Team member Veca is aggressive in learning as an organization to reduce and eliminate hazards.

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