Ballpark Pages: Bus Barn 5th/Mercer

Major Issues Constrained site, parking, traffic impacts.
Cost/affordability The site, owned by the city of Seattle, could be dedicated to the District.
Description & Configuration 10 acres.
Below-grade Field Can be accommodated.
Staging The area is currently highly developed and would not have opportunity for staging on adjacent property, thus making staging for construction very difficult.
Zoning C1-65. The height limit would have to be changed to enable a 225'- 250' ballpark structure.
Adjacent Use Compatibility The adjacent Seattle Center and lower Queen Anne business area uses would be compatible with a new ballpark; the adjacent residential uses would not be as compatible. Parking and traffic strain would create difficulties for Seattle Center arts and sporting events.
Urban Design Stadium out of scale with surrounding area. Supporting services are available with 2000'. Site is in a pedestrian oriented neighborhood.
Transportation Transportation access available but severe traffic impacts when baseball played on same night as other public assembly events. The monorail links the Seattle Center area with the regional network, though no-late night service currently available. Several local bus lines also serve the site. Pedestrian access to site.
Parking Facilities 4,700 parking spaces will be difficult to develop on site. Area parking limited by other major public assembly facilities. Construction on this site would replace current surface parking on-site. Other user could use parking facilities.
Environmental Evidence of contaminated soil on site. The ability to remediate unknown. Shadows form ballpark would have a major impact on adjacent uses. Light and air circulation impacts could be substantial. Adjacent Communities: No housing would be eliminated. Little buffer space between ballpark and adjacent properties. No industrial land taken. No job displacement. Safety patrol in immediate area.