Ballpark Pages: Lander St. Post Office

Major Issues Site dimensions, business relocations
Cost/Affordability Lease of land from USPS could create some financial benefits.
Description & Configuration 17.7 acres. Some tracks on NW corner of site. Most of site owned by U.S. Postal Service. USPS plans to relocated from this site.
Staging Sufficient size to stage on-site.
Zoning Industrial General (I G 1 U 85)
Adjacent Use Compatibility Could result in commercial developments in SODO area. Nearby major recycling center.
Urban Design Few support services nearby. Scale not out of line with nearby SODO center. Good Views of Downtown Seattle.
Transportation Located 1 block form E-3 Busway and adjacent to BN-SF RR mainline (possible commuter rail station could be developed). Near I-5, SR 99 and the Spokane St viaduct/West Seattle Freeway. Pedestrian connections weak.
Parking facilities Considerable parking possible on northern edge. 500 existing stalls in Postal Garage could be used. Area parking available. Some potential for other use of parking.
Environmental Soil condition unknown; no residential areas nearby. Shadows would not impact public spaces.
Adjacent Communities Currently not used for industrial purposes. Impacts from secondary development could impact industrial properties. Service sector jobs could be displaced. Relocation of Metro Transit Facility (Power Distribution Facility) nearby.