South Kingdome

NBBJ example model of the ballpark.

Major Issues Kingdome uses, relocations.
Cost/Affordability Acquisition of private property and business relocation required.
Description & Configuration 15.39 acres, 11.18 County + .98 City Street + 3.23 acres private.
Below-grade field Not possible without continuous dewatering.
Zoning General Industrial IG2 U/85' with no height limit east of Occidental; Pioneer Square Mixed with 85' height limit west of Occidental. City conditional use or rezone required to exceed 85' height limit west of Occidental; Pioneer Square Preservation District use and development regulations apply west of Occidental. Current use is manufacturing, warehouse, storage, retail, and artist lofts.
Adjacent Use Compatibility The ballpark is compatible with some adjacent uses but not others. The property west of 1st Avenue contains some manufacturing and commercial/retail uses.
Urban Design Scale may not be compatible with surrounding area, but could be mitigated using setbacks. Supporting services available within 2,000'. Site in pedestrian-oriented neighborhood.
Transportation Two limited access facilities within 1 mile (I-5, I-90, and Hwy 99). Two or more 4-lane arterials with several blocks. Regional and local transit available within 2 blocks operates every 15 minutes. Site within 2 blocks of proposed RTA light rail or commuter rail lines. Potential road projects within reasonable proximity.
Parking Facilities 4,700 parking spaces possible on or adjacent to site. Significant parking pools within 1 mile. Nearby uses likely to use parking facilities.
Environmental No known contaminated soil onsite. Ballpark shadows would have minimal impact on adjacent properties. Minimal light and air circulation impacts on residential properties.
Adjacent Communities No permitted housing eliminated. Buffer between site and potentially adversely affected uses. May take some industrially zoned land; adjacent to industrially zoned property. Current uses include manufacturing, warehousing, storage, retail and artist space housing. Loss of existing industrial uses would be minimal. Will displace some jobs; uses can be reasonably relocated in City. Safety patrols in area.
Source: PFD Site Evaluation Report, March 15, 1996

Two views of the South site.

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