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This Century's Top Ten Construction Projects

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[This Century's Top Ten Construction Projects]
December 9, 1999

In celebration of the end of the 20th century, the DJC has created a special feature looking back at the way Washington State has been developed in the past century.

Denny Regrade
The Denny Regrade came in on the DJC list of top projects of the century in Washington State at number 7.
A poll of DJC readers helped us select the Top 10 construction projects of the past century. Voters chose projects based on both the impact the project had on the area and the innovative and ground breaking (figuratively and literally) ways the projects were conceptualized and constructed.

We have also compiled a list of the 25 oldest construction firms in the state. Many of these firms have spent the better part of this century constructing buildings, roads, bridges and dams that have helped Washingtonians enjoy a quality of life that most of us would agree is tough to beat.

With the help from some local architects and engineers, we've assembled a list of some of the most influential designers of the past century. Architects and engineers are the visionaries that shape the things we build, their legacy lives in the structures we all still benefit from today.

And finally, credit Where credit is due:

Paul Dorpat and Genevieve McCoy provided photos and information from their book "Building Washington, A History of Washington State Public Works," published by Tartu Publications; along with Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, editor of "Shaping Seattle Architecture," published by University of Washington Press.

DJC reporters who contributed to this special edition are Sam Bennett, Lisa Lannigan, Annu Mangat, Benjamin Minnick, Jon Savelle, Marc Stiles and Ragan Willis.


The projects of the 20th century that shaped Washington State ...

    Project #3 - Boeing 747 Plant soars into 2000
    In July of 1966, when Boeing announced that it would build the 747 airliner, it had no suitable site or building in which to construct the mammoth jets. So, first things first: Boeing had to build the world's most voluminous building.
    Project #8 - Cascade Tunnel bores a rock-solid spot in history
    Stevens Pass is a favorite route for cross-state travelers, and a popular destination for skiers and hikers as well. But perhaps few people today realize that 74 years ago the pass was the scene of a herculean engineering effort -- one that ultimately sent trains rumbling through solid rock 1,000 feet below the chairlifts.

... and the designers and contractors that built them

    Some of the century's top architects and engineers
    Whether it be a building, a bridge, a dam or a road, the projects of these architects and engineers helped shape our state over the past century and still have a tremendous impact on Washingtonians today.

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