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Artistic Merit

Port Plaza, Phase II
The Port Plaza in Olympia resembles an outwash river delta plain.
Eleven types of cast concrete surfaces were used to create the plaza.
Photo courtesy of WACA

Port Plaza, Phase II

Location: 701 Columbia N., Olympia

Owner/developer: Port of Olympia

Project team: W.E.&B. Ltd., general contractor; Gencon Pacific, concrete contractor; Robert W. Droll, landscape architect; Hultz BHU Consulting Engineers, structural engineer; and Glacier Northwest, ready-mix supplier

Eleven different types of surfaces were used at the Port of Olympia Plaza project, showcasing the diversity and versatility of cast-in-place concrete surfaces.

Cast surfaces were designed to project natural and contemporary shoreline patterns. The surfaces were stained, colored, exposed, power-washed, acid-etched, sandblasted and broomed. The resulting patterns were wavy, scalloped and smooth. Aggregates were hand-placed in some surfaces.

Over 600 bronze pieces were embedded into the concrete surfaces to emulate an outwash river delta plain in a sinuous, radiating pattern centered on a rock outcrop. The pieces reflect the maritime history of Olympia, history of the port and elements of the marine environment — like seaweed, oysters and clams.

Eras of the port and the evolving relationships between humans and water are expressed by the plaza’s sequential arrangement — starting at a bridge, which provides entry to the plaza and a transition from the Percival Landing boardwalk.

The free-flowing design provides a smooth transition from a naturalistic setting to a contemporary environment while accommodating large events, fire truck loading and intimate shoreline seating spaces.

Finalists in the category included the 76th Avenue West rockery soil nail wall in Edmonds and the Randall Way/Kitsap Mall Boulevard intersection improvements in Port Orchard.

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