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Public Works Bridges

Padden Parkway pedestrian bridge
Dwyidag bars tie the columns of the
Padden Parkway pedestrian bridge into its deck.
Photo courtesy of WACA

Padden Parkway pedestrian crossing

Location: 142nd Avenue and Padden Parkway, Vancouver

Owner/developer: Clark County Public Works

Project team: Tapani Underground, general contractor; Carter & Co., concrete contractor; Washington State Department of Transportation, architect; Kramer Gehalen Associates, structural engineer; and Rinker Materials, ready-mix supplier

The Padden Parkway pedestrian crossing bridge was primarily constructed of concrete. It features post-tensioned deck beams and post-tensioned Dwyidag bars for support.

The deck of the superstructure is 10 inches thick with half-rounds for deck beams on both sides. Two concrete columns rise 50 feet in the center of the bridge to provide support for the deck and a place to tie the Dwyidag bars into.

Both the deck and center columns were built with a new 8,000-pound concrete design that allowed for maximum strength and minimum shrinkage. The site had limited access for placement and vibration of the concrete.

Both sides of the bridge feature concrete stairs, plus sidewalks with wheelchair access.

Finalists in the category included the West Galer Flyover bridge in Seattle and the Third Street Southwest grade separation project in Auburn.

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