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ICF Structures (tie)

Photo courtesy of Cowden Ready-Mix
The Barker residence was built with ICF blocks, which deaden sound and vibrations from local truck traffic.

Barker residence

Location: Bellingham

Owner/developer: Norm and Valarie Barker

Project team: Moncrieff Construction, concrete contractor; JWR Design & Architecture, architect; Layton Consulting, structural engineer; Cowden Ready-Mix, ready-mix supplier

The owners of this two-story ICF home say its sound-deadening qualities are impressive. It is located across the street from a large gravel processing and concrete plant with constant truck traffic. They say the concrete absorbs noise and vibration from the trucks while the neighbors, in their wood-frame houses, regularly complain about the noise and rumbling.

The house also has other concrete elements, such as countertops and floors that are stained, stamped and sawcut.

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