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Special Applications: Artistic Merit

Photo courtesy of WACA
The river-inspired walkways on this bridge in Redmond demonstrate a variety of artistic concrete installation techniques.

Northeast 36th Street bridge

Location: Redmond

Owner/developer: City of Redmond

Project team: Tri-State Construction, general contractor; J.A. Brennan Associates, architect; BergerABAM, structural engineer; Belarde Co., concrete contractor; CalPortland, ready-mix supplier

The Northeast 36th Street bridge is a 480-foot-long vehicle and pedestrian bridge connecting the Overlake neighborhood and Microsoft campuses over state Route 520.

The project incorporated several types of concrete installation items, including a Bomanite-imprinted roundabout, Lithocrete hand-seeded walkways with a decorative buff wash, and waved Lithocrete sedimentary walls.

The sedimentary walls were poured in layers with a variety of locally harvested rocks, pebbles and other aggregates.

The walls and paving effects were designed to represent a meandering river.

The roundabout, with its boulders, trees and plants, offers a visual break from the asphalt paving. A major challenge was that construction was scheduled to begin in September and finish in December. Poor weather conditions had to be accounted for every day of the project.

Ready-mix concrete was used to create the pedestrian walkway because of its durability, appearance, improvement to job-site cleanliness, waste management and sustainability.

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