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Concrete Paving

Photo courtesy of WACA
Dark bands of pervious pavement allow rain to infiltrate into the ground before it can enter the stormwater system.

South Division Street Promenade

Location: Auburn

Owner/developer: City of Auburn

Project team: Johansen Excavating, general contractor; KPG, architect and structural engineer; Concreteman, concrete contractor; Miles Sand and Gravel Co., ready-mix supplier

Work on the South Division Street Promenade in downtown Auburn was completed in April.

The 20,000-square-foot project is a mix of pervious concrete, standard concrete and colored concrete. The promenade runs from Main Street to Third Street Southeast.

New sidewalks along Division vary from 10 feet to 20 feet wide and were built with concrete pavers that form a decorative grid. The walkways have a concrete base and sandblasted pavers on top.

The three multicolored concrete intersections are decorated with large acid-stained rings surrounded by pavement cut into a 2-by-2-foot grid pattern. Dark bands of pervious concrete that stretch across the street are separated by standard concrete paving.

The project was certified by Greenroads, a sustainability rating system for roadway design and construction.

All the rain that falls in the promenade is infiltrated into the ground below the road instead of entering the stormwater system, and is treated on site through the porous concrete. The combination of light-colored pavement and porous pavement will minimize the typical heat-island effect caused by asphalt roadways that absorb more heat.

The promenade was designed to withstand the wear and tear of heavy traffic.

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