ABC 2006 Excellence in Construction Awards

Eagle of Excellence
Interior Improvement/

Morrison Hotel
Rafn Co.

Industrial Construction
Saybr Contractors,
Seattle Biodiesel Refinery

Sustainable Certified Construction
Rafn Co.,
Blakely Town Hall

Historical Restoration
Rafn Co.,
Cadillac Hotel

Specialty Construction: Demolition
Waikiki Beach Walk

Mixed-Use Construction
Rafn Co.,
Denny Park Apartments

Public Construction
Synergy Construction,
Jefferson Park Community Center, phase 2

Interior Improvement/Renovation
Rushforth Construction Co.,
The Bridge

Commercial over $10 million
S.D. Deacon Corp. of Washington,
Loews Theatres
at Alderwood Mall

Commercial under $10 million
Rushforth Construction Co.,
Charles Wright Academy upgrades

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