Photo courtesy of NCM Contracting Group
NCM removed Martin Stadium's precast seating with the help of a crane.

WSU Martin Stadium renovation
NCM Contracting Group

General contractor: Hoffman Construction
Architect: ALSC Architects
Engineer: DCI Engineers
Owner: Washington State University

As part of an $80 million project, NCM Contracting Group did two substantial structural demolition components along with a precise concrete cutting operation that paved the way for the new superstructure and steel packages at Martin Stadium.

The most unique aspect of this project was the level of precision required to remove the press box while leaving its existing foundational podium intact. The job required a surgical-like deconstruction designed in collaboration with Grid Engineering. NCM disassembled the press box in a highly methodical, controlled and safe manner that required synchronized critical crane lifts with secondary equipment reaching out and assisting with the torch cutting the steel.

NCM worked from the top down, starting with removing lighting at the roofline, the shell of the structure and then down to the steel frame of the press box.

Another aspect of the project was removing the stadium precast seating. After the seats were gone, crews removed structural beams, columns and concrete footings to make way for new premium press box seats.

Concurrent with all demolition, materials were flown by crane and placed in specific lay-down areas to facilitate sorting, processing and load out to appropriate recycling locations and fulfillment of LEED goals. As a result, NCM recycled 118 tons of steel, including rebar and red iron steel from the press box, and 246 tons of concrete.

One notable challenge to this demolition was its proximity to the university's IT building, which supports the entire campus. The plaza level of the demolition project was actually the roof of the IT building.

There were no recordable incidents during the 5,237 hours worked on the project.

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