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... a kind of marketplace of public services

The Miller|Hull Partnership, Cascade Design Collaborative, landscape & planning; O’Brien & Company, environmental; KPFF, structural; SvR Design Co., civil; The Greenbusch Group, mechanical; Sparling, electrical; Robert Wagner Design, programming; Albee-Romein, interiors; Myers Biodynamics, geotechnical; Adam & Goldsworthy, survey; WPa, signage. General contractor: Columbia Pacific Contractors. (Photography by Art Grice)

A real achievement, for a project with a high degree of difficulty! Suitably reflecting the rural farmlands character of this urbanizing area, it combines the feel of barn and shed in a way that makes this public space highly accessible, a kind of marketplace of public services. We admire the way the spaces create a positive blurring of lines between public processes and institutional services.