Practice: Architecture and interior design

Founded: 1985

Leadership: Donald King, president and owner

 DKA (architect of record) with 5ifth Floor (interior): Seahawks Stadium Team Store
DKA (architect of record) with 5ifth Floor (interior): Seahawks Stadium Team Store

Business remains strong at DKA this year. The firm is currently involved in the expansion of its interior architecture division, which includes substantial alterations, tenant improvements, adaptive reuse and interior design. DKA is also pursuing contracts for federal government projects from various agencies.

There are currently 18 staff members, up from 15 at the same time last year. The growth is due to several large, ongoing projects in the office, new contracts for local housing authorities, and the expansion of interior design services. Estimated gross fees for the year are $2.2 million.

"With the decline in the local economy, we've observed a sharp drop in large corporate project opportunities," said president Donald King. "Due to diminished tax revenues, we see warnings of a decline in city, county and state work as well. Transit-related projects in our region continue to be an active market with contract opportunities.

"Another hopeful sign," he said, "is the growth in established community service organizations, which will require design services for new and expanded facilities."

DKA's most compelling area of emerging opportunity is in "green building" design, according to King. The firm is applying its growing expertise in that area to a large renovation-reuse projects.

Selected recent and ongoing projects include Embarcadero South Renovation, San Francisco, a redesign of a high-rise amenities terrace and water intrusion repair of high-rise residential towers; F.A.M.E. Child & Family Center, Seattle, an adaptive re-use of a 3,850-square-foot building; Cascade Homes renovations, a remodel of a community building and design of a new maintenance facility and exterior storage sheds for a King County Housing Authority community; the inventory and reconfiguration of 67,000 square feet of Seattle King County Public Health's existing open office plan on five floors of the Wells Fargo Building; the new Seahawks Stadium Team Store, Seattle; and the Urban League Village at Colman School, Seattle, an adaptive reuse of an old school building for housing, cultural facilities, athletic facilities and retail.

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