Adolfson Associates

Specialty: Natural resource analysis, management and planning; NEPA/SEPA compliance; ESA compliance
Principals: Molly Adolfson, president; Lloyd Skinner, Andy Castelle and Lynnda Laurie, vice presidents
2001 revenues: $3.2 million
Projected 2002 revenues: $3.5 million

The first four months of the year were a little slower than usual, said Molly Adolfson, president of Adolfson Associates, which specializes in natural resource analysis and ESA compliance. “We were concerned that we were finally seeing the effects of the economic slowdown on the region.”

But business picked up in the spring, keeping the firm busy. “There hasn’t been a catastrophic drop-off, which is kind of what everyone was afraid of.”

The firm does most of its work on public projects, and “there are more people now competing for them than there used to be,” Adolfson said. This may be because, as the number of private projects decreases, more firms are looking for work on public projects. “People are trying to shift their emphases internally.”

The slow economy has had an effect on smaller jurisdictions, which are feeling a budget pinch, she said.

From speaking with her colleges, Adolfson said, “Everyone I talk to seems to be pretty busy. It’s really not clear why we haven’t seen more of an effect than we have.”

An effect may become apparent, however, if the economy continues to slow, she said.

Adolfson Associates is working on a number of large projects, including the environmental impact statement for the siting of the Brightwater wastewater treatment plant for King County, and EISs for some Navy regional facilities.

Some interesting projects, Adolfson said, have included work with local jurisdictions on best available science (BAS) reviews.

With 33 people in the Seattle office and five in Portland, Adolfson Associates is looking to add staff in the coming year. “We’re still looking for a senior fisheries biologist,” which is a profession in high demand. “When people come to me now asking me what they should major in, I tell them fisheries.”

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